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MassagerX Pro™ Mini Portable Massager

Fast relief from neck, back and muscle pain - anywhere, anytime!

** Limited Stock Available **

Image how great would it be to have your own private masseuse go with you anywhere...
No more having to be in pain and discomfort for entire days.
No more wasting time and money on expensive massages.
No more having to beg someone to give you a massage.
No more having to lock yourself at home after using some smelly cream.

Whatever muscle or joint ache or pain you have, the MassagerX Pro™ Mini Portable Massager will give you fast and effective relief - whenever you need it, wherever you are, and whatever you're doing at the time!

Whether you're in the office, reading a book, on a flight, or walking the dog, your own private masseuse - i.e. the MassagerX Pro™ ;) - will be working to relieve your pain and relax those muslces and joints.

Suffering from a stiff neck from sitting all day in front of your computer? No problem!
Lower back is hurting from bending over for the baby? We've got you covered! Shoulder is acting up again from that old sports injury? No sweat!

With the MassagerX Pro™ Mini Portable Massager you will always get fast relief - wherever you are and whatever you're doing!


Fast and Effective

Uses EMS Technology to generate low frequency electric pulses that stimulate, massage and relax the muscles or joints to quickly relieve any stiffness or pain.

Get the perfect treatment

4 Massage Modes - The MassagerX Pro™ Mini Portable Massager has 4 massage modes that simulate human massage so you can get the exact treatment you need - Massaging, Kneading, Light Tapping, Strong Tapping.

15 Intesity Levels - Choose the intensity level that is most suitable for your pain relief.

Perfect for all body parts - back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, feet

Convenient and Easy to Use

Portable, Compact and Lightweight - The MassagerX Pro™ Mini Portable Massager is very easy to use, and can be taken and used anywhere, anytime.

Rechargeable - has a rechargeable USB battery (charging cable included in package)


Package includes:


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