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PowerPuller+ Resistance Pedal Trainer

The Innovative Full-Body Trainer that's Revolutionizing Home Fitness!


The PowerPuller+ Resistance Pedal Trainer is the most versatile and effective home trainer - an entire gym packed into one compact and simple to use trainer.

With countless exercises for all muscle groups, it makes getting the results you want easier than ever, right from your home. Whether you want to build muscle, tone your body, burn fat, or improve flexibility, the PowerPuller+ can do it all!

It is specially designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness, and can be used while sitting, lying down, or standing, making it the perfect trainer for any home workout routine.


VERSATILE - can be used for easy and intense trainings. This tool not only assists in your workouts but also helps in preventing spine and lumbar pain giving you improved flexibility and mobility.

SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - the soft sweat-absorbant anti-slip handle is and comfortable to use, while allowing for a good grip and hand protection.

EFFECTIVE FOR ALL LEVELS OF EXPERTISE - the PowerPuller+ has a unique 4-band system which provides a highly effective workout and adequate resistance to make sure the muscles get the most out of every exercise, and suitable for all levels of expertise.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL - suitable for intense or light workouts.

DURABLE - made of premium material that can withstand the pressure of repeated use.

PORTABLE AND COMPACT - the lightweight and compact design make it easy for you to work out and stay fit anywhere - whether you're at home, office, or travelling. 

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