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Beautithy™ Thigh & Hip Trainer

Get Amazing-looking Legs, Butt and Thighs - in Less Than 2 Minutes Per Day!

The Beautithy™ Thigh & Hip Trainer is an extremely easy to use and effective trainer that strengthens, firms and tightens your thighs and buttocks and curves your hips - giving you the look you want, quickly!

Why do I need this?

For beautiful hips, thighs and buttocks - simple yet highly effective for activating these muscles to get the look you want.

Strengthen pelvic floor and improve bladder control - during postpartum recovery, women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and older women.

Enhance intimacy - tighten and strengthen the pelvic area for enhanced intimacy with your partner.

How does it work?

The Beautithy™ Trainer creates a simple yet highly effective movement which activates the hip adductors, gluteal muscles (glutes), and lower abdominal muscles, to strengthen and firm the muscles, while sculpting the legs and buttocks and enhancing hip curves.

All it takes is 1-2 minutes per day for 4 weeks to get the results you want!

Combine several positions - standing, lying on back, lying on stomach (see images) - to increase effectivity and even better and quicker results.

Ergonomically designed to fit YOUR needs

The Beautithy™ Trainer has an adjustable mechanism which allows you to easily set the resistance and difficulty levels that are suitable for you and your needs, and it is suitable and effective for women of all ages.

It is made of premium quality soft environmentally-friendly PVC, and is uniquely shaped to maximize comfort and protection of the legs.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers!

* Instruction manual included



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