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Pro Winter Cycling Gloves

Premium quality and durable cycling gloves for complete hand protection and best fit and comfort - for REAL protection from the cold!


What good are winter cycling gloves if they don't REALLY protect you from the cold, wind and rain??

Having the right pair of winter cycling glovesis the difference between enjoying your winter ride, or far from it.

The Pro Winter Cycling Gloves are the only gloves you will need this winter! They are warm, water resistant, extra durable and offer the best fit - for a pleasant and comfortable ride, even in the coldest of winter days.

Available in 2 models, suitable for cool to cold temperatures: 

  • WINTER GEL - waterproof Thermal protection
  • AUTUMN GEL - warm, protective and breathable

WINTER GEL Features - 

  • Extra Thermal Protection - thick Polar Fleece Lining creates extra protection and warmth retention, keeping your hands and finger tips warm and comfortable throughout the entire ride 
  • Water Resistant - water resistant fabric for maximum protection from rain and snow (please note that some dampness may occur in the seaming areas)
  • Premium materials - made of top quality durable materials, these gloves are made to last and protect
  • The perfect fit - flexible and lightweight and designed to offer the perfect fit on your hands
  • Long cuff - covers the wrists and prevents unwanted exposed skin 
  • Touchscreen compatibletouch conductive material on thumb and index finger for use with all touch screen devices. 
  • Anti-slip grip - for best grip of the handlebars even when wet
  • Superior Silicone Gel shock absorption - protects and cushions your hands from the vibrations passed through the handlebar, while creating an anti-slip surface for improved grip and control.
  • Towel fabric on thumbs - to conveniently wipe sweat 
  • Additional padding- on the side of the index finger and thumb for added protection to the hand, while maintaining flexibility


AUTUMN GEL Features - 

  • Breathable and protective - suitable for cool weather, the palm of the glove is warm and protective, while the back is made of a breathable sports fabric designed to keep your hands dry, while offering mild protection from wind and cool temperatures. (NOTE: not waterproof)
  • Superior Silicone Gel shock absorption - as in the WINTER GEL gloves, and includes additional padding at the base of the thumb and fingers
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Anti-slip grip - for best grip even when wet
  • Durable materials - made of top grade premium materials to ensure comfort, durability and performance - these gloves are made to last!
  • Flexible and comfortable - made of flexible fabric and includes expanding knuckles to ensure best fit and comfort in any position of the hand
  • Additional padding - on the side of the index finger and thumb for added protection to the hand, while maintaining flexibility
  • Towel fabric on thumb




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